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Sarsabz O Pursukoon Karachi- Tree Plantation Campaign
Sarsabz O Pursakoon Karachi was the term coined by National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) to name their latest plantation campaign. This term, coined from the Urdu language, literally means 'Evergreen, peaceful Karachi'.

NFEH has been one of the few non-governmental organizations in Pakistan which was created with the sole purpose of furthering the cause of environment. The organization shot to fame with the institution of annual environment awards, which sought to reward companies exhibiting promising commitment to Environment, Health, & Safety Guidelines in their HR practices. This award has succeeded in uniting and engaging all stakeholders in one platform, which stands testament to the uniqueness of this event.

Sarsabz O Pursakoon Karachi campaign kick-started in April, 2014. The declared aim of the campaign was to plant 300,000 saplings all over the city. The event swiftly gained coverage in print and social media.

All stakeholders, including governmental/non-governmental organizations. Industrial/corporate sector, trade associations, universities, etc., were actively engaged and embraced the camping from its inception, as was proven by subsequent events.

The campaign had the full-support of Commissioner Karachi, who himself had the privilege of initiating the event on the auspicious occasion of Earth Day. Photographs of saplings being planted were flashed on the news, and the trend quickly caught on.

Review meetings to gauge progress were regularly held,with the President NFEH, M. Naeem Qureshi, and Commissioner Karachi, Shoib Ahmed Siiddiqui, jointly setting short-term targets.

In a span of just three months, 170,000 saplings were planted in various parts of the city, with the events being publicized well. By publicizing these events, NFEH hopes to empower the citizens of Karachi to take pride in the history, culture, and aesthetic beauty of their city, Karachi, and take actively take steps to safeguard it.

The underlying philosophy proved itself to be quite effective, and together citizens, industrialists, and government representatives joined hands to fund the saplings, obtain locations for their plantation and finally manage their plantation.

By the end of the monsoon reason i.e., September's end, NFEH intends to accomplish its target of completing plantation of 300,000 saplings all over the city.

This tremendous achievement would not have been possible without your support. We can only hope and pray that you continue to do so, not just in this campaign, but all future campaigns as well.
We, Team NFEH, wish you the very best of luck for the future,
Yours sincerely,