Private Sector Asked to Assist Govt. In Provision of Health, Education


KARACHI: Private sector was asked to come forward and provide education and health facilities to poor population, as the government alone cannot provide every citizens these basic facilities.These views were expressed by speakers at the inaugural session of the 3rd International Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility – The Human Face of Business, organized by National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) at a local hotel.

Naib Nazim, City District Government of Karachi Nasreen Jaleel was the chief guest where as Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan was the keynote speaker on the occasion. Nasreen Jaleel said that the City Government with the support of private sector has improved the condition of 38 government schools, which are now competing with the private schools. The City Government has established Karachi Foundation to provide relief to poor. “We want the people should interact with each other for harmony in the city so we organize My Karachi festival every year,” she added.

Ms. Jaleel said the present City Government has completed a number of infrastructure projects, which has changed the face of the city. In a recent meeting US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke had also praised the City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal for infrastructure development in the city, she added.

She underlined the need that this should continue because it has been evolved during eight years. There is a lot to do in the city, she added. At least seven big rain storm drains are disposing untreated sewerage water into the sea. There is dire need of treatment plants so that sewerage water is disposed of into the sea after proper treatment, she added. Ms. Jaleel said the city government is providing water to every part of the city. Recently water has reached to Baba and Bhit islands through lying of under-sea pipeline.

The CDGK Naib Nazim appreciated the efforts of corporate sector as well as civil society organizations for their social welfare schemes and said the city is proud of all such organizations.

In his keynote address, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said health and education are important elements for development of a society. He said KESC is playing havoc with the city. He regretted that despite generation capacity of 3600 megawatt (MW) against peak demand of 2600 MW, the city is facing the worst load shedding because most of capacity is not being used. He said about 848MW generation capacity is utilized. Senator Haseeb Khan underlined the need for holding long marches for health and education in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of The Citizens Foundation (TCF) S. Asad Ayub Ahmed said that there is deplorable condition of education in the country. Giving figures, he pointed out that as against the United Nation’s suggested 4 percent of the total budget; the government in Pakistan is spending only 2 percent of total budget on education. He said at least 40 million children in Pakistan are out of school. The condition of government schools is very deplorable, where 15 percent schools do not have their buildings and 52 percent schools are without boundaries, he added.

The TCF was formed in 1995 to provide quality education to poor, he said adding that it started from six schools and presently, it is running 600 schools. By the end of next year 50 more schools would be added, he added. He said all TCF schools are located in poor localities of the entire Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir. In his welcome address, Chairman of the NFEH Dr. Kaiser Waheed said that faulty buses are creating air pollution and tanners are causing water pollution in the city. He said many business corporation are running welfare projects, which are providing benefit to millions of people.

Earlier Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, CEO Citizens Foundation Asad Ayub Ahmed, President NFEH M. Naeem Qureshi, Chairman NFEH Dr. Kaiser Waheed, President M.A. Jinnah University Dr. Abdul Wahab, President Marketing Association of Pakistan Rafiq Rangoonwala, Capt. Salman Azhar of PIA, President Bosicor Pakistan Kalim A. Siddiqui, CSO Sybrid Ted Merra, Aamir Jahangir, Jamshed Ahmed, Tahir Jawaid Sr. General Manager Public Affairs Engro, External Relation Manager P&G Pakistan Najia Amin, Consultant TDAP Dr. Sajid Hussain, Marrium Aurangzeb of WWF Pakistan, Advisor-RBI Pakistan Dr. Faiz Shah, Executive Director-RBI Pakistan Ambreen Waheed and Aqeel Ahmed discussed in details the scope of CSR activities, trends, future & challenges in their organizations as well as in the country

Saquib Nisar Khattak
Manager PR & Media