Aims & Objectives
Promote the integration of conservation principles into planning processes for development.
Promote the desirable development in keeping with intrinsic environmental features and ecological processes in the country.
Foster a positive and proactive working relationship with the decision-makers (councils), and advise them and endeavor to influence them to use the above principles when assessing development.
Follow closely all new environmental legislation and polices.
Raise funds to cover the ongoing expenses involved in conducting the affairs of the NFEH.
Ensure that the future development of the natural environment is sustainable and consistent with an agreed vision and the principles of an approved structure plan.
Dissemination of the results of studies and researches to the people.
Advocating for/against polices, events & happenings concerned with the environment. Create awareness about environment and health among masses in general, among communities, youth and children in particular.
To organize training and Research Programs and arrange working seminars, lectures and walks for the different target groups, NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
Consequently, to find solutions for health and pollution problems, and act as a Pressure Group.
To educate all segments of society about environmental and healthcare issues by utilizing all available means especially through media.
To promote, collaborate, assist and maintain links with other similar national and international organizations and establish a Health and Environmental Management Institution.
To support cause and efforts for healthy and pollution-free environment of other organizations.
To encourage any positive activities by youths and children on environment and health awareness.