NFEH hold environment day Children Should be Taken on Board to Improve Environment
KARACHI: Better environment is one of basic human rights and Pakistan Peoples party (PPP) was the only political party that constituted Ministry of Environment in Pakistan at a time when India did not have any such portfolio. Roti, Kapra aur Makaan are not the only basic issues but also environment. Drastic changes are needed to make environment free from pollution so that children might be saved from being dipped into sewerage gutters and they should rather enjoy the rainfall as a blessing. Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker, Shehla Raza said on the occasion of Children Environment day & certificate distribution ceremony of summer camp 2008 held at hotel Ramada Plaza on Thursday, organized by National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) in collaboration with Hotel Ramada Plaza.

Environmental pollution is a serious issue and not only the government but people from every walk of life should realize their responsibility to fight pollution and carve a better tomorrow for next generation.
Shehla Raza said that mushrooming growth of private clinics and hospitals in 120 Square yard premises are a major source of pollution and I strongly condemned their contribution toward contaminating the environment.
"I myself a victim of these hospitals when my children were traumatized in a road accident because these hospitals do not dispose of their solid waste properly and above all their role to provide better health facility is also a big question," said Raza.

The staffers of these hospitals do not know how to operate life-saving equipments. Government would soon take strict action against them, vowed Raza.
The area where I live is within the jurisdiction of Cantonment Board but the sanitation situation is very critical there as all the sewerage lines are overflowing, filthy mud is everywhere and sewerage gutters are not covered. Actually, a selective group of people is ruling the country for the last 12 years and civic facilities are contrary to their boastful claims as anyone could see.

"It is our commitment that we would not leave the situation unchanged and I assure you that we would take our children on board to create awareness among the elders and environment would be crystal clear soon," Vowed Raza.
Sindh Minister for Human Rights Nadia Gabol, Sindh Minister for Women Development, Tauqeer Fatima, NFEH Chairman Dr. Kaiser Waheed, NFEH president Naeem Qureshi, Zara Shirazi, Gul Bahao Chairman Nargis Latif, Brig. (Retd.) Zafar Mehmood, A. Ghaffar Qureshi, and American School Principal Kausar Amir also addressed. During the festival children participated in Craft and Paintings, Swimming Contest, Tree Plantation, Drawing Competition, Taikowendo, Fancy Dress Show, Awareness on energy conservation and environment issues.

Saquib Nisar Khattak
Manager PR & Media