Minus One Formula To Derail Democracy

KARACHI- Former Information Minister Sherry Rehman said Thursday that the so-called "minus one formula" was floated with the aim to derail the democracy in the country.

She was responding to a question from media at the concluding session of 3rd international summit on CSR organized by National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) at a local hotel. She said that it was a worst kind of propaganda at this critical juncture when the country needed stability.

"I don't know who is spreading these kinds of news in the country. One should not be personal. If they have any thing against him (Mr. Zardari) they can go for his accountability. Parliament is the real forum for this purpose. This is a dis-service to the country and the nation. We have not learnt from the history", she added. Replying to another question about the sacking of chairman Pakistan Steel Mills, she said that it was good that the government has taken action on the reports of media about his corruption. "This is the first drop of rain and there will be second and third as well. Never in the past, the governments took actions against high officials on media reports, she noted.

Sherry said that media should encourage such actions of the government. It will give a positive message and help in controlling corruption in the country, she added. She agreed to the questioner that local companies were doing very little in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities. But the monitoring of media and NGOs will compel them to improve labour practices and refrain from tax evasions. She was of the view that the government alone cannot monitor these shortcoming all the time and media and other watch dogs can help in this regard.

Earlier, speaking at the closing session, she asked the corporate sector to lobby for the social as well as political change. Do not always come to the politicians for concession only all the time. Also come for reforms and the agenda of change in the system, because unless you pressure them you would not yield reforms, she opined. She said that tax evasion was huge in the country and added that paying of taxes also comes under CSR of the corporate sector. Sherry called for accountability, transparency and public disclosures in the corporate sector.

Earlier, penal chairman Kalim A Siddiqui, Tahir Jawaid, Naeem Qureshi, Rafiq Rangoonwala, Capt. Salman Azhar, Aamir Jahangir, Najia Amin, Dr. Faiz Shah, Ted Merra, Ambreen Waheed talked about the impact of CSR on consumer trust

Saquib Nisar Khattak
Manager PR & Media