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The world is becoming more polluting than ever due to various emissions coming out from industries such as factories & nuclear plants, transportations (on the road, sea & air) and homes. Whether it is a solid waste or a liquid; all created great hazards for human life especially for the children. To curb these hazards for the betterment of human life, the idea of Green Club is generated.

Green Club is an initiative taken by the “National Forum for Environment & Health” to ‘educate and empower’ the school children about the environment safety and human health by establishing the Green Club Memberships in various schools of Sindh regardless government or private institutions. This idea is already got appreciations from all communities including individuals, educationists, industrialists, corporate world, Ministry of Environment, Govt. of Pakistan and United Nation.

Aims & Objectives:
• Educate the school children about the Safety of Environment & Health
• Protect the city where living in through various activities within school or public places
• Help the school children to initiate and develop the green houses around them

Green Club Activities
Though the idea of Green Club is in initial phase but our dedicated team has already enrolled 30 Schools consisting of 1500 children and recently we have started our activity by planting over 30-trees in Quaid’s Tomb & Park and its surrounding area.

Our future activities are as follow:
• Children Arts & Craft Show
• Health Walks with Kids
• Green Houses (Schools & Homes)
• Visit to Industries / Factories
  • Road Safety Awareness
• Workshops Photography & Painting
• Annual Achievement Awards
• Think Tank! We are not just kids?
Green Club Projects & Funding
The above objectives and activities require huge resources and funding. We, therefore request from the companies to become the Corporate Member of our Green Club as part of their CSR activities and fulfill the dream of healthier & cleaner Pakistan with the NFEH and young Green Club Leaders – the future of Pakistan.

Let’s make our kids a true leader of greater Pakistan!

For more details, please contact our Project Head for Green Club.