Past Events

Women Health 2016


The minimum recommended age for a woman to undergo mammography is 45 but if there is an instance of breast cancer among close relations in the family then other ladies of the family should opt for mammogram in 10 years younger age than the age in which the family-member is detected with the cancer for effective prevention. Audience of a seminar was informed this as speakers on the occasion highlighted the fact that regular check-ups, tests, and certain changes in lifestyle could effectively prevent major health issues affecting lives of women especially in forms of Osteoporosis, breast cancer, and reproductive health problems. The fourth annual public awareness seminar on women health issues was organized by National Forum for Environment and Health the other day at a hotel. Naeem Qureshi , Dr Kaiser Waheed, Ruqiya Naeem, Najia Ashar , Sobiya Munawwar, Mirza Ishtiaq Baig & other spoke on the occasion.